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John Grant

Pale Green Ghosts

Rough Trade Album of the Year 2013 This is an album full of late night anthems, with strings, swearing and magic. it's part dancefloor and part singer / songwriter, and will be topping lists for years to come.
2LP - Double LP Set with Single CD VErsion
2CD - Double CD Set comes with some exclusive duets recorded specially for RT.
CD+ - Cheap Standard CD Version.


Released 04/03/2013BUY £7.99

Catalogue No: ptkf21042

Availability: In stock


Released 19/11/2013BUY £19.99

Catalogue No: bellav377

Availability: In stock


Released 04/03/2013BUY £7.99

Catalogue No: bellacd377

Availability: In stock but limited qty


Released 19/11/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: bellacd377x

Availability: Currently Unavailable