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The Knife

Shaking The Habitual - Rough Trade Exclusive With Bonus Cd

It's taken the Knife 7 years to follow up 'silent shout' and boy was it worth the wait. it's weirder, longer (100 minutes) and is pretty damn audacious. it contains the spirit of punk with absolutely peerless semi industrial electronic production. Karin's voice (when it appears) is more distorted and mangled than ever but they still mange to create songs at the heart of the madness. the instrumental tracks are absolutely bonkers (in a good way) and the centerpiece is a mental 19 minute ambient noise excursion. this is a record that you simply have to go back to as it's too much to take in on first listen, more importantly it one that you'll want to go back and lose yourself in for the remainder of the year. the knife just set the bar pretty damn high for 2013.
Limited Triple CD pack (with expanded packaging and 2 posters) featuring the double CD version of the album plus a Rough Trade exclusive bonus CD featuring remixes from Pursuit Grooves, and Cooly G and videos of 'A Tooth For An Eye' and 'Full Of Fire'.
Limited triple vinyl set plus the double CD version of the album plus the Rough Trade exclusive bonus CD.


Released 08/04/2013BUY £22.99

Catalogue No: brillp117

Availability: In stock but limited qty


Released 08/04/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: brilcd117

Availability: Currently Unavailable