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Paris Club Music

Paris is back and it's no longer pumping to the filtered sound of disco house. Instead, a '90s generation have come of age born into the monochromatic shadow of Mathieu Kassovitz's classic film, La Haine. A world of internal tensions cracking the ground for new shoots to appear from a vibrant street culture that's en Seine in the membrane, raised as much on global bass and hip-hop's freakiest mutations as the distant orbit of Chicago and Detroit. You can hear it in the music of ClekClekBoom, the Paris-based label which began in 2007 as a website releasing baile funk from Rio's favelas but now serves up its own home-grown ghetto grooves. Built around a core of twenty-something DJs and producers, spearheaded by French Fries (who runs the label alongside Ministre X and The Boo), their youthful energy has forged boundary breaking ambitions. And as ClekClekBoom Recordings reaches its first birthday at the start of 2013, its dedication to quality and longevity is evident in a commitment to vinyl, alongside digital, releases, a box fresh aesthetic courtesy of artistic director The Boo, their fortnightly Boomcast show, attracting like-minded guests from Lunice to Bok Bok, and now this compilation - split between exclusive new tracks (CD1) and a summary of the label's first eight releases (CD2). Stretching from blunted, purple drank stained vocals, to splinters of the ever-evolving hardcore continuum, ClekClekBoom's musical ADD captures the soul of modern urban life, reassembling elements of juke, garage, house, techno and other machine cut sounds, the product of the first home-schooled internet generation who have left the old world mindset behind.Originally released by Claude VonStroke's Dirtybird label, French Fries' 'Yo Vogue VIP' opens the trove of new treasure, owing as much to cult documentary Paris Is Burning as his native city, its hormonally altered appearance scoring tens across the board. His second contribution, 'Southside', flips to raw Chicago house re-wired and re-swung, analogue rawness in a digital era, while Manar


Released 25/04/2013BUY £14.99

Catalogue No: ccbcd001

Availability: In stock but limited qty


Released 04/04/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: ccblp001

Availability: Currently Unavailable