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Forest Swords


After releasing one of the most memorable records of the year in 2010, Forest Swords disappeared as swiftly as he had first emerged. Befitting perhaps in manner of his samurai-inspired sound architecture, the ambitious one-man project of Matthew Barnes was all stealth and no show, leaving people puzzled as to the whereabouts of the supremely talented producer. In 2012 his name slowly began to re-appear, as Barnes raked in production credits on the How To Dress Well album. 'Engravings' is the first new Forest Swords material in three years and is released via Triangle. It continues the musical narrative that Barnes had constructed on 'Dagger Paths', invoking ancient, far-eastern spirits with thick, atmospheric sound layers and dubby rhythmic meditation.
LP with download.


Released 26/08/2013BUY £7.99

Catalogue No: triangle20dd

Availability: In stock

Thor's Stone
Irby Tremor
The Weight Of Gold
An Hour
Anneka's Battle
The Plumes
Friend, You Will Never Learn


Released 26/08/2013BUY £10.99

Catalogue No: triangle20cd

Availability: In stock but limited qty


Released 26/08/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: triangle20

Availability: Currently Unavailable