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Sum / One

BeeDeeGee is the performing alias of Brian DeGraw, an American artist, musician and producer who lives and works between the inner city and the Catskill region of New York state. Most commonly known in the music world for his work at the centre of Gang Gang Dance and their musical mastery, 'Sum / One' is his debut record as a solo artist. Written and recorded over the course of a year in his Woodstock studio, the album initially began life when Brian left New York City - his home for the past twelve years - for the clouds of Woodstock. Amidst the peace of this new environment, the audio sketches he worked on gradually evolved into a project that fuses familiar deep synth soundscapes with audacious pop moments. The nine tracks that comprise 'Sum / One' also feature the vocal talents of Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Lovefoxxx (CSS), Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance) and Douglas Armour.


Released 02/12/2013BUY £7.99

Catalogue No: EAD3341A

Availability: In stock

Helium Anchor
Like Rain Man
Empty Vases
(F.U.T.D.) Time Of Waste
(intellectual property)
Quantum Poet Riddim


Released 02/12/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: cad3341cd

Availability: Currently Unavailable


Released 02/12/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: cad3341

Availability: Currently Unavailable