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The Future's Void

Limited copies of both CD and LP come with a City Slang Sampler CD featuring a few exclusive tracks. 'The Future's Void' is the follow-up to Ema's acclaimed 2011 LP, 'Past Life Martyred Saints'. The album is a massive leap forward in both sound and songwriting however it still has the industrial-noises and glorious fuzz of her solo debut and previous work with Gowns. The album was heavily influenced by Nine Inch Nails demos, the heavier side of early K Records, and William Gibson's Neuromance.
Vinyl - Limited copies on Lilac coloured vinyl plus Download.
Tape - Limited to 100 copies in the UK.


Released 07/04/2014BUY £7.99

Catalogue No: slang50058

Availability: In stock


Released 07/04/2014BUY £17.99

Catalogue No: slang50058lp

Availability: In stock


Released 07/04/2014BUY £5.99

Catalogue No: slang50058mc

Availability: In stock