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The Delines


Rough Trade Exclusive with 5 Tracks Bonus CD featuring B - Sides, a cover of Dolorean song written by Al James and and two KEXP session tracks recorded earlier in the year. Picture Edward Hopper's Nighthawks painting - the bright interior, the couple, the singleton, the dark outside. The Delines album is the soundtrack for that. Dark late night country soul - this is Willy Vlautin's (Richmond Fontaine) finest yet. The debut album from The Delines, 'Colfax' is a stunning and timeless collection of songs with the intimacy of a midnight confessional. Like a beat-up Dusty Springfield after too many long nights working a dreary after-hours bar, Colfax has the skid row heart of Tom Waits, the street-tough weariness of early Rickie Lee Jones, and the cool, laid back sound of Mazzy Star.
LP - Vinyl comes with download.

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Released 28/04/2014BUY £10.99

Catalogue No: decor033cd

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Released 28/04/2014BUY £19.99

Catalogue No: decor033lp

Availability: In stock