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The Wytches

Annabel Dream Reader

The Wytches quickly established a sound and vision that encompasses the dark arts and the more extreme limits of rock, but which is never prescriptively macabre. Far from it, the band displays a broadness of sound - all at once the songs reference surf, grunge, metalcore and spy movie scores, while never appearing overstated or derivative. Their darkness is filtered through a prismatic lens, surpassing any single label or pigeonhole other bands are often too easily relegated to. Recorded at Liam Watson's 8-track analogue Toerag Studios in Hackney, 'Annabel Dream Reader' captures faithfully the tumultuous live sound of The Wytches, tracked as it was in two days of fertile outflow under the supervision of producer Bill Ryder-Jones (ex-The Coral).
LP with Download


Released 25/08/2014BUY £10.99

Catalogue No: hvnlp105cd

Availability: In stock


Released 25/08/2014BUY £18.99

Catalogue No: hvnlp105

Availability: In stock