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Album of the Month - May 2017

Mac Demarco - This Old Dog

This May, the Rough Trade Album of the Month is Mac Demarco’s hotly-anticipated new record, This Old Dog. This collection of songs (perhaps his most chilled-out yet, if that’s even possible) was recorded in and around Mac’s new home in California, and you can almost hear the sunshine. Be sure to check out this month’s issue of the magazine, as it was guest edited by Mac Demarco himself!

That's right. King of Chill Mac DeMarco has taken time out of his schedule to actually guest edit our magazine to mark his new album This Old Dog being our Album of the Month. He's filled this issue with features on and around his best pals and loved ones, including: A special cartoon cover designed by his friend Bjenny Montero, Mac’s friend and fellow musician Kirin J Callinan interviewing Mac about his new album, a fun photo diary by his friend and bandmate Joe McMurray, a fashion shoot feature of Mac's beloved bandmate Jon Lent, a fantastic horoscope by Mac’s girlfriend Kiera Mcnally, Mac interviewing the wonder that is Kirin J Callinan, late night, at Mac's LA home. Plus much much more, obvs. You know the score. Get it while you can!

Also thank you Mac we love ya.