Graham Bendel

Dress Rehearsal Brags - An A-Z of Unpopular Culture

Cat no. 9780954773755


'Dress Rehearsal Brags - An A-Z of Unpopular Culture' is a dark and comical series of meditations on the more 'peripheral' aspects of popular culture -'being mugged by Kevin Rowland of Dexys on a Kilburn Estate'; 'Your Cat Magazine saying no to Punk'; 'Sir John Gielgud's love for Krautrock' and just stuff about drugs, sex and Charles Hawtrey. It's about Skinheads, The Greek Mafia, embarrassing sexual encounters, scoring LSD, shoe-gazing Lesbians, and so much more. The novel (if you can call it that) is short, to-the-point, and very readable. With some of the lamest fight sequences ever committed to paper. But it's never boring. Not for one second. So who is this aimed at? It is intended to please people who liked Luke Haine's 'Bad Vibes', Sebastian Horsley's 'Dandy in the Underworld', Harland Miller's 'Slow Down Arthur Stick to Thirty', etc. It's like 'Hollywood Babylon' (but with not very famous people in it) or a modern 'Diary of A Nobody'. If the book had a soundtrack it would include: Gaye Bykers on Acid, Underground Resistance, Felt, Television Personalities, The Kinks...and erm, Loyd Grossman.  And, of course, Killing Joke - as you might have noticed the front cover uses a design from original Killing Joke artist and Malicious Damage label owner Mike Coles.