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Black - Vintage Rough Trade Logo T-shirt

Cat no. rtvbgs

Womens, Small


Cat no. rtvbbxxl

Mens, XXL


Cat no. rtvbbxl

Mens, XL


Cat no. rtvbbl

Mens, Large


Cat no. rtvbbm

Mens, Medium


Cat no. rtvbgxs

Womens, XS


Cat no. rtvbbs

Mens, Small


our customers have spoken - give us a black t-shirt with the classic rt logo and make it cheap! - so we have listened - a nice simple black shirt with our iconic logo in a subtle distressed effect all for a mere 15 of our english pounds - plus a neat little sleeve logo, reminding you where we come from and for how long we've been around - this is the t-shirt of the summer! please note, sizes are on the small side, so if you want a loose fit, order a size larger than normal