Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a pop rock band hailing from Nevada, US. Formed in 2008, the band consists of *Dan Reynolds* on lead vocals, guitars, piano, keys, bass and drums; *Wayne Sermon* on guitar, backing vocals, piano and synths; *Ben McKee* on bass, piano, keys and synths; and *Daniel Platzman* on drums, backing vocals, guitars, viola and keys. Former members include Andrew Tolman on drums and backing vocals; Andrew Beck on guitar and backing vocals; Aurora Florence on piano, keys, backing vocals and violin; Dave Lemke on bass and backing vocals; Brittany Tolman on piano/keys/backing vocals/guitars; Theresa Flaminio on piano/keys/backing vocals.

Their music can be described as a fusion of pop and rock genres with catchy melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide. With their energetic performances and powerful lyrics, Imagine Dragons has become one of the most successful bands in recent years.

If you enjoy the sounds of American Authors or X Ambassadors or are a fan of Bastille or OneRepublic's music style then you will definitely appreciate what Imagine Dragons brings to the table. Their unique sound has also drawn comparisons to artists such as Twenty One Pilots,WALK THE MOON,and The Score among others.


Imagine Dragons



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