Rick James

Rick James was an American vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer. Born on February 1, 1948 in Buffalo, New York, he grew up in a challenging environment and faced legal troubles at a young age. In pursuit of his music career, James went AWOL from the Navy and spent some time in Canada. He formed various bands including The Mynah Birds and The Main Line before establishing the Stone City Band in 1977.

James achieved success with his debut album "Come Get It," which reached #3 on the R&B charts. His songs "You and I" and "Mary Jane" also gained popularity. Known for his unique style called "Punk Funk," he made significant contributions to the music industry. Additionally, James played a pivotal role in launching the Mary Jane Girls in the mid-1980s.

Tragically, Rick James passed away on August 6th, 2004 at his home in Burbank, California due to pulmonary and cardiac failure along with complications from diabetes, stroke, a pacemaker implantation, and a heart attack.


Rick James



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