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Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker is an electronic musician and sound artist based in Los Angeles, United States and Montreal, Canada. He has gained international recognition for his unique recordings released under his own name. With a background in government work, Hecker's music showcases his innovative approach to electronic soundscapes.

Originally recording under the moniker Jetone, Tim Hecker has since established himself as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. His atmospheric compositions blend elements of ambient, drone, and experimental genres to create immersive sonic experiences.

With a career spanning over two decades, Tim Hecker continues to push boundaries with his captivating soundscapes. His ability to manipulate and transform sounds into emotive narratives sets him apart as a visionary artist in the realm of electronic music.


Tim Hecker



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Album artwork for Love Streams by Tim Hecker

Love Streams

Tim Hecker

14,99 € - 29,99 €