Capitane records is a collective of production and an independent label based in Brussels (Belgium) and Samsø (Denmark). Since 2018, it has provided a home for artists such as *Turner Cody*, *Under the reefs Orchestra*, *Nicolas Michaux*, and *Great Mountain fire*. With a focus on fostering talent and supporting musicians, Capitane records continues to make its mark in the music industry.

Founded in 2018, Capitane records is an independent label that operates as both a collective of production and a platform for talented artists. Based in Brussels (Belgium) and Samsø (Denmark), this label provides a nurturing environment for musicians to thrive. The roster includes renowned artists like *Turner Cody*, known for his soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating performances. Additionally, the label showcases the unique sound of *Under the reefs Orchestra* with their fusion of genres ranging from indie rock to folk. Another notable artist signed under Capitane records is *Nicolas Michaux*, whose introspective songwriting has garnered critical acclaim worldwide. Lastly, the label represents the vibrant energy of *Great Mountain fire* through their infectious rhythms and dynamic live shows.

With an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, Capitane records supports its artists throughout their creative journey. By providing resources, guidance, and promotional opportunities, this label empowers musicians to reach new heights in their careers





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