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US label. Label Code: LC 0236 / LC LC 00236. For unofficial releases/counterfeit/bootlegs, please [l132473]. [b]1960[/b] The Impulse! label was started as a jazz subsidiary of [l=Am-Par Record Corp.] under the direction of [a=Creed Taylor] and soon after the label's creation, [a=Bob Thiele]. In the 60s the Canadian versions of the label were manufactured by [l=Sparton Of Canada Ltd.] and wear the [l=Sparton Impulse! Records] label. [b]1962[/b] The company names changed to [l=ABC-Paramount Records, Inc.] - The [l=Sparton Impulse! Records] remains to mention [l=Am-Par Record Corp.] after the company name changed. [b]1967[/b] A new change to [l=ABC Records, Inc.] In this period sometimes a second [l=ABC Records] brand appears on the label. [b]1974[/b] Versions on the concentric label design from the 70s commonly display the [l=ABC Impulse!] label brand. It operated until 1979, though new recordings had stopped by 1977; it survived on with reissues. [b]1979[/b] ABC was bought by [l=MCA Records] and Impulse! shut down along with all of the other ABC-affiliated labels. Impulse is known as [i]The House That Trane Built[/i] because of [a=John Coltrane]'s 1961-67 association with the label. MCA revived the label mainly as a reissue imprint with a few new releases in the 1980s. It was reactivated as part of MCA-owned [l1071] with new artist signings including [a=Diana Krall] in the 1990s. Following a series of major label buy-outs and mergers, Impulse! is now part of the [l=The Verve Music Group] unit of the larger multi-national [l=Universal Music Group].





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