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TVT Records

TVT Records is a music label that originated from Steve Gottlieb's Tee Vee Toons record label. It gained recognition with the success of the original *Television's Greatest Hits* album and went on to release seven more volumes in the popular TV theme song compilation series, along with over 30 movie and TV soundtrack albums.

In addition to their compilation albums, TVT Records signed a diverse range of artists including *Shona Laing*, *Nine Inch Nails*, *Jimmy Page*, *Ying Yang Twins*, *Lil Jon*, *Aphex Twin*, *KMFDM* and *Snoop Dogg*. They also acquired Wax Trax! Records in 1992, establishing themselves as a prominent player in the industrial music scene. Furthermore, they expanded into music publishing and distribution.

However, due to legal disputes involving contractual obligations with Ja Rule and rights to early material by Pitbull held by Slip-N-Slide Records, TVT Records filed for bankruptcy in 2007. In June 2008, a New York bankruptcy judge awarded TVT's assets (excluding the music publishing unit owned by Gottlieb) to UK-based digital music distributor The Orchard.


TVT Records



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