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Danzig is an American heavy metal band formed in 1987, emerging from the goth/punk/metal band Samhain. The group was founded by vocalist Glenn Danzig after being introduced to producer Rick Rubin. With a desire to work with different musicians, Danzig brought on bassist Eerie Von and guitarist John Christ, along with punk rock drummer Chuck Biscuits. Their first three albums showcased a blues-influenced heavy metal sound and garnered praise from fans and critics.

In 1993, Danzig achieved mainstream success with their hit single "Mother" from their debut album. However, their fourth release saw a departure from their blues roots as they incorporated more electronic elements. Despite lineup changes and conflicts with Rubin's label, the band released "Danzig 5: Blackaciddevil" in 1996 under Hollywood Records but faced backlash due to its industrial sound.

Since then, Danzig has experienced various lineup changes while returning to a hard rock/heavy metal sound. Although not reaching the same level of acclaim as their early records, the band continues to evolve musically. Glenn Danzig also established Evilive label in 1996 for his music distribution. Currently consisting of Glenn Danzig on vocals, Tommy Victor on guitar, Johnny Kelly on drums, and Steve Zing on bass; there have been talks of retiring the band if musical pursuits cannot align with Glenn's vision.


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