John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke is an English performance poet, born on January 25, 1949 in Salford, Greater Manchester. Known as the punk poet, he gained fame for his dynamic performances during the late 70's punk scene. Cooper Clarke released several albums and singles between 1978 and 1982, often collaborating with the Invisible Girls.

With his energetic stage presence and unique style of poetry, John Cooper Clarke has become a legendary figure in the world of spoken word. Born and raised in Salford, Greater Manchester, he quickly made a name for himself within the vibrant punk scene of the late 70s. His performances were electrifying and captivated audiences with their raw energy.

Throughout his career, Cooper Clarke has released numerous albums and singles that showcase his poetic talent. Backed by the music of the Invisible Girls, his work transcends traditional boundaries and merges poetry with music seamlessly. His distinctive voice and thought-provoking lyrics have left an indelible mark on both the punk movement and spoken word genre.


John Cooper Clarke
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