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New Order

New Order is a British band that was formed in 1980 in Manchester, United Kingdom. The group came together shortly after the tragic suicide of Ian Curtis, who was a member of Joy Division and Warsaw. The band consists of talented musicians including Bernard Sumner on vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Peter Hook on bass and keyboards from 1980 to 2010; Stephen Morris on drums and keyboards; Gillian Gilbert on keyboards and guitar from 1981 to 2001 and again since 2011; Phil Cunningham on guitar and keyboards since 2001; and Tom Chapman on bass since 2011.

With their unique sound blending elements of post-punk, electronic music, and synth-pop, New Order has become one of the most influential bands in the music industry. Their captivating performances have garnered them a dedicated fan base worldwide.

Throughout their career spanning several decades, New Order has released numerous critically acclaimed albums such as "Power, Corruption & Lies" (1983), "Technique" (1989), and "Music Complete" (2015). Their innovative approach to music production continues to inspire aspiring artists across genres.


New Order
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