The 1975

The 1975 is an English pop rock band formed in Manchester in 2002. Known for their unique blend of indie rock, synth-pop, and electronic music, the band has gained a massive following worldwide. With their catchy melodies and introspective lyrics, The 1975 has released several critically acclaimed albums that have topped charts globally. Their energetic live performances and innovative music videos have solidified their status as one of the most influential bands of the decade.

Since their debut album in 2013, The 1975 has been pushing boundaries and experimenting with different musical styles. Their discography includes hits like "Chocolate," "Somebody Else," and "Love It If We Made It." The band's thought-provoking lyrics often touch on themes such as love, politics, mental health, and modern society.

With numerous awards under their belt including BRIT Awards and NME Awards, The 1975 continues to captivate audiences with their infectious sound and artistic vision. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to their music, exploring The 1975's discography is sure to be an exciting journey into the world of contemporary alternative music.


The 1975
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