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The Alan Parsons Project

The Alan Parsons Project is a British Rock studio project that was initially formed to record a concept album about Edgar Allan Poe. They gained recognition for their power ballad "Eye in the Sky" and the instrumental track "Sirius". The official band members include Alan Parsons, who contributed to production, engineering, programming, composition, keyboards, and guitar; and Eric Woolfson, who contributed to composition, lyrics, piano, keyboards, vocals, and executive production.

Notable contributors to The Alan Parsons Project's music include Andrew Powell on composition, keyboards, and orchestral arrangements from 1975-1990; Philharmonia Orchestra; The English Chorale as a choir in various years; Ian Bairnson on guitar from 1975-1990; David Pack on guitar in 1976; David Paton on bass and vocals from 1975-1985; Duncan Mackay on keyboards from 1977-1979; Richard Cottle on keyboards and saxophone from 1984-1990; Laurence Cottle on bass from 1987-1990; Stuart Tosh on drums and percussion from 1975-1976; Stuart Elliott on drums and percussion from 1977-1990.

Other notable vocalists who have contributed to The Alan Parsons Project's music include Colin Blunstone (vocals: 1978–1984), Chris Rainbow (vocals: 197


The Alan Parsons Project
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