Based in Montreal, 2XHD is a renowned label created by audiophile sound engineer and producer. With a focus on excellence, the label uses original analog masters to transfer audiotapes in the analog domain. René, the mastermind behind 2XHD, has gained recognition for his expertise in matching audio components to create an unparalleled sound experience. The label plans to release a new title every two months.

At Fidelio, 2XHD developed its own proprietary system in collaboration with top-notch audio equipment manufacturers. This system is known for its accuracy and musicality, earning accolades from peers and trade publications worldwide.

The 2XHD team takes pride in their recent achievements - receiving prestigious awards for their releases on reel master tape and pure analogue recordings. Their proprietary mastering process delves deep into original recordings to bring out hidden information without altering the music, resulting in a unique listening experience filled with nuances, warmth, depth of field, and even the air around the musicians.


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