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Daydream Library Series

The Daydream Library Series of records and tapes is the independent house label of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Eva Prinz's publishing imprint Ecstatic Peace Library. The Daydream Series was established in 2018 to provide a label for emerging musicians, both local and international. In this series curated by Eva Prinz, Thurston Moore, and Abby Banks, a limited-edition number of vinyl or cassette albums will be released in a pristine "collector's edition" package with the highest quality recordings, impeccable design and will include handmade fanzines with the album's liner notes, interviews with the bands. The first year of releases will offer genre-crossing music including opera, classical, punk rock, and sound-healing. Each album in The Daydream Library Series will include a limited-edition fanzine edited by Eva and Thurston with the musicians.


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Daydream Library Series


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