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Fuzz Club

Fuzz Club is a London based independent record label that focuses on raw, experimental rock 'n' roll. Influenced by genres such as psychedelia, shoegaze, noise, garage, blues, folk and experimentation. The label started in rural Norway during the 24 hour darkness of the Arctic winter and emerged onto the scene in 2012 with their compilation album "The Reverb Conspiracy". This annual release captures the essence of today's underground music scene.

With over 40 releases and around 20 artists under their belt, Fuzz Club has worked with renowned names like Anton Newcombe, Goat, Alan Vega, The Black Angels, Dead Skeletons, A Place to Bury Strangers and The Underground Youth. They believe in putting as much energy and art into the presentation of their records as the bands do into their music. Collaborating with visual artists allows them to create unique and collectible album covers and vinyl.

In addition to their regular releases, Fuzz Club offers super limited edition deluxe versions of select albums. These hand painted, stamped and sealed editions are considered works of art themselves. As a distributor for Fuzz Club records, Cargo Records ensures that these exceptional releases reach fans worldwide.


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