Ruf Records

Ruf Records is a German Blues label that was launched in 1994 by Thomas Ruf. With its extensive catalog of blues music, the label has become a prominent figure in the industry. Known for its commitment to promoting and preserving the blues genre, Ruf Records has worked with some of the most talented *artists* in the business.

As one of Germany's leading independent record labels, Ruf Records has gained recognition worldwide for its high-quality releases and dedication to showcasing authentic blues music. The label's impressive roster includes both established *performers* and emerging talents, ensuring a diverse range of styles and sounds.

With two Label Codes - LC 1956 / LC 01956 - Ruf Records continues to make waves in the music industry. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the blues scene, this label offers an unparalleled selection of albums that will satisfy any discerning listener's craving for soulful tunes.


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Ruf Records


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