Alessandro Alessandroni

Alessandro Alessandroni was an Italian composer, arranger, vocalist, whistler, conductor and multi-instrumentalist. Born on March 18, 1925 in Rome, Italy, he had a diverse musical career spanning several decades. He was skilled in playing various instruments including guitar, sitar, keyboards, mandolin, mandocello, accordion, banjo and more. Alessandroni founded the vocal ensemble and collaborated with renowned artists throughout his career.

Throughout his life, Alessandroni worked with many notable musicians and composers in the industry. His talent as a composer and arranger led him to create memorable soundtracks for films and television shows. With a wide range of skills including singing and whistling along with his instrumental abilities on flute, harmonica and recorder among others - he left an indelible mark on the music world.

Alessandroni's unique style has influenced numerous artists over the years. His compositions are characterized by their distinctive arrangements that blend different genres seamlessly together. Fans of Gianni Ferrio,Nora Orlandi,Bruno Nicolai,and other similar artists will appreciate Alessandroni's contributions to the world of music.


Alessandro Alessandroni
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