Ali Farka Toure

Ali Farka Touré, born in 1939 in Kanau, Mali, was a renowned Malian guitarist and the leading figure of Mali blues. He gained international recognition for his collaborations with Ry Cooder, winning two Grammy awards for their album Talking Timbuktu. Touré's musical genius extended to his 2005 release Heart Of The Moon, featuring the talented kora player Toumani Diabaté. Not only a musician but also a peacemaker, he played a vital role in resolving the Touareg rebellions of the mid-90s. After battling illness for an extended period, Touré passed away in March 2006, leaving behind a widow and eleven children.

Touré's unique style and mastery of the guitar captivated audiences worldwide. His music beautifully blended traditional Malian melodies with elements of American blues and folk music. With his soulful voice and intricate guitar playing, he created a sound that resonated deeply with listeners.

As Mayor of Niafunké in Northern Mali, on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, Touré remained connected to his roots throughout his career. His contributions to both music and society solidified him as one of Africa's most influential artists.


Ali Farka Toure
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