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Banda Black Rio

Banda Black Rio is a Carioca group formed in 1976, hailing from Rio de Janeiro. They are known for their unique fusion of funk music with samba and jazz, creating a captivating blend with a strong dance music edge. The band achieved great success during the disco era with their hit albums "Maria Fumaça," "Gafieira Universal," and "Saci Pererê." These albums showcased their ability to seamlessly mix their own original songs with beloved Brazilian classics like "Na Baixa do Sapateiro" by Ary Barroso and "Casa Forte" by Edu Lobo.

One notable collaboration in Banda Black Rio's discography is the live album they recorded alongside *Caetano Veloso*, titled "Bicho Baile Show." Although this album wasn't released until 2002, it serves as a testament to the band's exceptional talent and artistry. Often compared to renowned U.S. soul/funk groups such as Kool & The Gang and Earth Wind & Fire, Banda Black Rio played an instrumental role in developing Brazilian instrumental soul music.

By the late 90s, Banda Black Rio had gained popularity in English clubs, solidifying their status as influential musicians within the international music scene. It is important to note that Banda Black Rio should not be confused with the revival Band of the same name. If you enjoy artists like *Di Melo*, *T


Banda Black Rio
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