Baroness is an American Stoner Rock/Metal band hailing from Savannah, Georgia. Formed in mid-2003 by former members of the Punk/Metal band Johnny Welfare And The Paychecks, Baroness has made a name for themselves with their powerful and dynamic sound.

In August 2012, tragedy struck when the band and their crew were involved in a serious bus crash while on tour in the UK. Despite this setback, Baroness persevered and continued to create music. They underwent lineup changes with Matt Maggioni and Allen Blickle stepping down due to the accident, being replaced by Nick Jost and Sebastian Thomson respectively. In 2017, Pete Adams left the band and was succeeded by Gina Gleason.

Not only known for their music, Baroness also established their own label Abraxan Hymns in 2015. With John Dyer Baizley leading on guitar and vocals, along with Gina Gleason on guitar, Sebastian Thomson on drums, and Nick Jost handling bass and keyboards duties; Baroness continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique blend of stoner rock/metal.


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