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Bendik Giske

Bendik Giske is a Norwegian saxophonist and performance artist, currently residing in Berlin. His unique sound is influenced by his background in dance and his sense of queerness, resulting in captivating performances that showcase the importance of the body. With circular breathing on the saxophone and a striking stage presence, Giske's music transcends traditional boundaries.

Through his music, Bendik Giske explores the connection between body and sound. Drawing from his experience in dance as a child, he brings an embodied approach to his saxophone playing. This physicality extends beyond technique; it is also reflected in his sense of queerness, which has shaped his own distinctive sound.

Bendik Giske's artistry can be experienced not only through recordings but also through live performances. His stage presence is mesmerizing as he immerses himself fully into each piece, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Whether you are listening to one of his albums or witnessing him perform live, Giske's music will leave a lasting impression.


Bendik Giske
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