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Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Beverly Glenn-Copeland is a singer and songwriter who was born in Philadelphia but has spent most of his life and career in Canada. He is a trans man known for his folk music that incorporates jazz, classical, and blues elements. With an extensive career, he has collaborated with various artists and even worked as a writer on Sesame Street. Additionally, Glenn-Copeland entertained children for twenty-five years on the Canadian television show Mr. Dressup. However, he gained significant recognition for his 1986 electronic album Keyboard Fantasies, which was rediscovered and celebrated in the 2010s.

Keyboard Fantasies was recorded using equipment such as a Yamaha DX7 and a Roland TR-707. This album received acclaim even before Glenn-Copeland's gender transition became public knowledge. In fact, it was selected as one of the 70 greatest recordings by women by The Stranger.

Discover Beverly Glenn-Copeland's unique blend of genres and captivating musical talent through his diverse discography that spans decades.


Beverly Glenn-Copeland
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