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Black Mountain

Black Mountain is a Canadian psychedelic rock band hailing from Vancouver, BC. Originally known as Jerk with a Bomb in the late '90s, Stephen McBean transformed the group into Black Mountain by the mid-2000s. Their unique sound draws influences from blues, psychedelia, acid rock, and the Velvet Underground. With a blend of darkness and grit reminiscent of Warlocks and Brian Jonestown Massacre's trippiness, Black Mountain debuted on Jagjaguwar in 2004 with their 12" Druganaut. They continued to release music under this label including their eponymous full-length album in January 2005.

Black Mountain consists of talented local musicians such as Matthew Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt, Joshua Wells, and Amber Webber who all contribute to the band's communal ethic. It is worth noting that Black Mountain coexisted alongside McBean's other band Pink Mountaintops.

If you enjoy Black Mountain's distinctive sound, you may also appreciate similar artists like Dead Meadow, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, Sleepy Sun, The Black Angels,and Wooden Shjips among others.


Black Mountain
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