British DJ and producer based in Berlin, Germany. Jamie Roberts, known by his alias *Blawan*, has spent the last decade crafting a unique universe within techno. With a natural fluency for rhythm honed from his early days as a drummer, Blawan's discography showcases his ability to create straight, syncopated, and swinging beats. Alongside his other aliases Kilner and Bored Young Adults, he has collaborated with renowned artists such as *Pariah* as Karenn and *Surgeon* as Trade. His releases span across various labels including Hessle Audio, R&S, Clone’s Basement Series, Hinge Finger, Black Sun Records, The Trilogy Tapes, and Avian.

In 2015, Roberts established his own label called TERNESC which has become home to his recent releases under the Blawan moniker. Since relocating to Berlin in the same year, he has continued to push boundaries with analog-driven studio production and captivating live sets. While exploring new directions in soundscapes, Blawan remains an expert behind the decks for traditional dance floor environments.

His latest album release titled "Wet Will Always Dry" dropped in June 2018. This breakthrough moment showcases Roberts' mastery of auditory alchemy through ambitious and nuanced techno tracks that captivate fans who have followed his ever-explorative career.


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