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Can't Swim

Can't Swim is a band hailing from Keansburg, New Jersey. Founded by singer Chris LoPorto in the spring of 2015, the group has quickly gained recognition for their unique sound and energetic performances.

The current lineup consists of [a3085447] on lead vocals and rhythm guitar since 2015, [a4343112] on drums since 2017, lead guitar since 2017, and backing vocals since 2015, as well as [a5539893] on bass guitar and backing vocals since 2015. Joining them recently is [a3085424], who took over drumming duties in 2021.

Over the years, Can't Swim has seen some changes in their lineup with past members including [a7395498], [a6584276], and [a3683387]. However, these transitions have not hindered their ability to create captivating music that resonates with fans around the world.


Can't Swim
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