Formed in 1969, Czar is a UK progressive rock band with roots in the pop group Tuesday's Children. Known for their Mellotron bolstered sound and strong songs and arrangements, they have often been compared to a more progressive version of the Moody Blues. Their discography includes one album and a single, with additional demos and out-takes featured on reissues.

Czar's music is reminiscent of artists such as Schokk, 1.Kla$, Ginex, K.R.A., SD, ST1M, Витя Матанга, Диман Брюханов, Энди Картрайт, Simaga, Garry Topor, Pra(Killa'Gramm), Billy Milligan, Elias Fogg, Копюшон Ноу Мо Darom Dabro Chestnyi Zanuda YA Лёша Стелит.

Experience the unique blend of progressive rock and captivating melodies that Czar has to offer. With their rich musicality and memorable compositions,Czar continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.


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