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Dando Shaft

Dando Shaft is a Folk Psych Prog group that was formed in Coventry, England, in 1968. Known for their unique blend of folk, psychedelic, and progressive rock influences, the band has captivated audiences with their mesmerizing soundscapes and intricate musical arrangements.

Inspired by artists such as *Trees*, *Shelagh Mcdonald*, and *Trader Horne*, Dando Shaft has carved out their own distinct niche in the music industry. Their ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics transport listeners to another realm, creating an immersive musical experience.

With a discography that includes albums like "An Evening With Dando Shaft" and "Lantaloon," Dando Shaft has garnered critical acclaim for their innovative approach to music. Fans of *Pentangle*, *The John Renbourn Group*, and *These Trails* will find solace in the enchanting soundscape created by this talented group of musicians.


Dando Shaft
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