Eli Keszler

Eli Keszler is a composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. With his unique blend of experimental soundscapes and intricate compositions, *Keszler* has established himself as a prominent figure in the contemporary music scene. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and influences, his work pushes the boundaries of traditional musical structures.

Known for his mesmerizing live performances, *Keszler* utilizes an array of instruments including drums, percussion, strings, and electronics to create immersive sonic experiences. His innovative approach to composition incorporates elements of improvisation and chance, resulting in captivating and unpredictable soundscapes that defy categorization.

*Keszler's* music has garnered critical acclaim worldwide. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as *Andrew Pekler*, *Oren Ambarchi*, and *Laurel Halo*, among others. His discography includes a diverse range of releases that showcase his versatility as an artist.


Eli Keszler
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Eli Keszler

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