Eric Bachmann

Eric Bachmann is a former leader of the band Archers Of Loaf, which disbanded in 1998. Currently, he records with Crooked Fingers, a project that primarily consists of himself and a rotating lineup. In 2006, Bachmann released his first solo album on Saddle Creek.

Bachmann's musical talents extend beyond his own projects. He collaborated with Micah P. Hinson on the album "Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit," where he showcased his saxophone skills. Additionally, Bachmann arranged most of the orchestral pieces featuring strings on three of Micah's albums.

With influences ranging from Crooked Fingers to Lou Barlow and Jeff Tweedy, Eric Bachmann's music resonates with fans who appreciate artists like Clem Snide and Songs: Ohia. His unique sound combines elements of folk and indie rock, creating an authentic listening experience for all.


Eric Bachmann
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Eric Bachmann

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