Grant Lee Buffalo

American Americana/indie rock band, Grant Lee Buffalo, was founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, California. Led by the talented Grant-Lee Phillips on vocals and guitar, the band also featured Paul Kimble on bass, Joey Peters on drums, Bill Bonk on bass, and Phil Parlapiano on keyboards, organ and accordion. After disbanding in 1998, they reunited in 2011 for a small tour. With their unique blend of genres and captivating performances, Grant Lee Buffalo has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Grant Lee Buffalo is known for their distinct sound that combines elements of Americana and indie rock. Their music resonates with audiences through heartfelt lyrics delivered by Grant-Lee Phillips' soulful vocals. The band's chemistry is evident as each member contributes their talents to create a cohesive and dynamic musical experience.

Having achieved critical acclaim during their active years, Grant Lee Buffalo continues to be revered by fans around the world. Their reunion tour in 2011 allowed both long-time followers and new listeners to witness the magic of their live performances once again. Explore the catalog of this influential band and discover why Grant Lee Buffalo remains a beloved name in American rock history.


Grant Lee Buffalo
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