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A psychedelic forest folk rock band from Finland, Hexvessel was founded by Mat McNerney in 2009. The current lineup includes Mat McNerney on vocals and guitar, Kimmo Helén on piano, keys, viola, violin, trumpet, and backing vocals, Jukka Rämänen on drums, percussion, and bass guitar, and Ville Hakonen on bass. Former members have included Jesse Heikkinen on lead guitar and backing vocals, Vesa Ajomo on guitars, Jussi Saarivuori on organs and samples, Simo Kuosmanen on lead guitar, Niini Rossi on bass guitar, Tuuli Jartti on violin and backing vocals, Jaakko Niemeläon keys, Dirk Campbell as a session member playing flutes and duduk, Daniel Pioro as a session member playing violin, Marja Konttinen providing vocals and percussion, Andrew McIvor playing acoustic guitars, and Antti Haapapuro creating sound effects and field recordings as the master of ceremonies.


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