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Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, guitarist and author. Born on 11 July 1980 in Oslo, Norway, she has established herself as an influential figure in the music industry. Her unique blend of experimental pop and avant-garde soundscapes has garnered critical acclaim worldwide.

Hval's music is often compared to artists such as *Julia Holter*, *Carla dal Forno*, and *Laurel Halo*. She explores themes of identity, sexuality, and feminism through her thought-provoking lyrics. Hval's mesmerizing vocals combined with her poetic storytelling create a captivating listening experience.

With a discography that spans over several albums, including collaborations with other talented musicians like *Susanne Sundfør* and *Oneohtrix Point Never*, Hval continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions within the music industry. Her innovative approach to songwriting sets her apart from her contemporaries.


Jenny Hval
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