Jonwayne is an emcee and producer hailing from Los Angeles. Known for his unique style and captivating lyrics, Jonwayne has made a name for himself in the music industry. He is particularly recognized for his work on the SP-404, a sampler that he skillfully incorporates into his productions.

With influences ranging from jazz to underground hip-hop, Jonwayne's sound is both innovative and nostalgic. His music resonates with fans who appreciate thought-provoking lyrics and intricate beats. Drawing inspiration from artists like *Milo*, *Pan Amsterdam*, and *R.A.P. Ferreira*, Jonwayne continues to push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of what hip-hop can be.

In addition to his solo work, Jonwayne has collaborated with esteemed artists such as *Samiyam*, *Your Old Droog*, and *BUSDRIVER*. His collaborations showcase his versatility as an artist while maintaining the distinct essence that sets him apart. With a growing discography that includes standout tracks like "Homeboy Sandman" and "Quelle Chris," Jonwayne's impact on the music scene cannot be overlooked.


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