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JPEGMAFIA is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter known for his experimental and boundary-pushing music. With a unique blend of hip-hop, punk, and electronic influences, he has gained a reputation for his provocative lyrics and unconventional sound. Born Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks in New York City, JPEGMAFIA began his musical journey as a member of the rap collective Blackie Speaks before launching his solo career. His critically acclaimed albums like "Veteran" and "All My Heroes Are Cornballs" have solidified him as one of the most exciting artists in contemporary music.

Known for his raw and unfiltered approach to songwriting, JPEGMAFIA tackles themes such as race, politics, and identity with fearless honesty. His music often challenges societal norms while offering a fresh perspective on modern culture. Drawing inspiration from various genres including noise rock, industrial hip-hop, and trap music, he creates a distinct sonic landscape that defies categorization.

In addition to his solo work, JPEGMAFIA has collaborated with artists like Danny Brown and Injury Reserve. He has also gained attention for his captivating live performances that are characterized by high energy and unpredictable stage antics. With an ever-growing fanbase worldwide, JPEGMAFIA continues to push boundaries within the music industry while maintaining his authenticity as an artist.


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