Jurassic 5

Jurassic 5 is a legendary hip-hop group that was formed in 1994 by members of the L.A. crews Rebels Of Rhythm and Unity Committee. The group consists of four talented MCs—Akil, Chali 2na, Marc 7, and Soup—and two skilled DJ-producers—Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark. Although Cut Chemist left the group in 2006, Jurassic 5 reunited in 2013 and continues to captivate audiences with their incredible performances.

With roots in the famous open mic nights at the Good Life Cafe, Jurassic 5 quickly gained recognition for their unique style and infectious energy. Their music blends intelligent lyrics with catchy beats, creating a sound that is both thought-provoking and irresistibly groovy.

Having made a significant impact on the hip-hop scene during their initial run, Jurassic 5's reunion has been met with great excitement from fans around the world. Their powerful stage presence and undeniable talent make them an absolute must-see for any true music lover.


Jurassic 5
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Jurassic 5

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