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Land Of Talk

Land Of Talk is a Canadian indie rock band that originated in Montreal, Quebec in 2006. Known for their unique sound and captivating performances, the band has gained a loyal following within the music industry. Influenced by artists such as Broken Social Scene, Chad VanGaalen, and Wye Oak, Land Of Talk's music combines elements of indie rock with heartfelt lyrics.With their distinct blend of melodic hooks and introspective songwriting, Land Of Talk has carved out a niche for themselves in the indie music scene. Their dynamic live shows have garnered praise from fans and critics alike, showcasing their raw talent and energy on stage.Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, Land Of Talk continues to push boundaries with each new release. Their discography includes critically acclaimed albums such as "Some Are Lakes" and "Life After Youth," which have solidified their status as one of Canada's most exciting indie rock bands.


Land Of Talk
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