Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is an American performance artist and composer, born on June 5, 1947 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Although she initially trained in the visual arts, her work incorporates a wide range of mediums including graphics, lighting, sculpture, mime, film, speech, music and electronics. By 1976, her performances were featured prominently in museums and concert venues across Europe and North America. Anderson's unique performances draw elements from storytelling, theatre, dance and popular entertainment.

In 1981, Anderson achieved unexpected crossover success with her single "O Superman," which reached number two on the British pop charts. This brought her a level of fame usually unavailable to avant-garde artists. Throughout her career, she has blended autobiographical and historical elements to create an idiosyncratic collection of words, sounds and images downloaded from various social archives.

Anderson's innovative approach to artistry has earned her greater visibility than most composers of her generation. Her work has influenced a diverse range of artists such as Meredith Monk and Brian Eno. She continues to push boundaries in the world of performance art.


Laurie Anderson
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