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Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2007 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Known for their unique blend of atmospheric folk and psychedelic rock, Lightning Dust has captivated audiences with their haunting melodies and mesmerizing performances.

Inspired by artists such as Pink Mountaintops, Califone, and Black Mountain, Lightning Dust has carved out their own distinct sound that sets them apart from the crowd. With influences ranging from Heather Woods Broderick to Wye Oak, their music resonates with fans who appreciate thoughtful lyrics and evocative storytelling.

With a discography that includes albums like "Infinite Light" and "Fantasy," Lightning Dust continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. Their collaborations with Frankie Rose, Constant Smiles, Lanterns on the Lake, Mega Bog, Brigid Mae Power, Lael Neale, Death and Vanilla, Amber Arcades,Sarabeth Tucek,Braids,the Reds,Pinks,and Purples Shana Cleveland,the GOLDEN DREGS,Meg Baird,and Jaye Jayle have further showcased their versatility as musicians.


Lightning Dust
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