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Love and Rockets

Love and Rockets were an English alternative rock band formed in 1985 by former members of a popular group. The band consisted of Daniel Ash on vocals, guitar, and saxophone, David J on bass guitar and vocals, and Kevin Haskins on drums and synthesisers. After disbanding in 1999, they reunited in 2007 for a series of concerts until 2008. Despite previously stating no plans to play together again, the band surprised fans with their return in 2023.

Their unique blend of alternative rock music captivated audiences worldwide during their active years. Love and Rockets gained popularity for their distinct sound that incorporated elements from various genres such as post-punk, gothic rock, and psychedelia.

With their influential discography spanning several albums including "Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven" and "Earth Sun Moon," Love and Rockets left an indelible mark on the alternative music scene. Their songs continue to resonate with fans old and new alike.


Love and Rockets
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