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Napalm Death

Formed in Birmingham, UK in 1982, Napalm Death were one of the bands that defined the UK hardcore thrash/punk sound of the mid-late 1980s. The band has gone through countless line-ups and many former members have become significant figures in a variety of musical scenes.

The first stable line up consisted of Lee Dorrian (vocals), Bill Steer (guitar), Mick Harris (drums) and Shane Embury (bass). By late 1989, Dorrian left to form another band and focus on his label Rise Above. Dorrian was replaced by Barney Greenway, formerly from death metal band Benediction, and an American guitarist Jesse Pintado joined as well. Mitch Harris from Las Vegas' grindcore outfit Righteous Pigs later joined as second guitarist.

Mick Harris left the band in 1991 and has since been involved in a plethora of solo and joint projects/collaborations. He was replaced by Danny Herrera. Currently, Napalm Death consists of Barney Greenway, Mitch Harris, Shane Embury and Danny Herrera.


Napalm Death
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